Attention Left Wing Idiots

Yes, I am talking to you, Chad Michael Morisette of West Hollywood, CA.

You do not help our cause by your ugly and violent displays against McCain/Palin. (You’ll have to Google it folks – I’m too outraged to include the link.)

Free speech rights are all well and good. And I am glad we live in a country that enshrines such in our Constitution. But I am going to exercise my 1st Amendment right to call your a frakin’ idiot for your little “display” of… whatever the hell you were trying to say.

This kind of thing is both disgusting and antithetical to the liberal beliefs we hold dear. I don’t care for either Palin or McCain but displays that celebrate violence against any person, regardless of how strongly we disagree with their politics, are appalling and wrong, regardless of who is doing it.

I also take exception to you saying it is somehow less shocking and horrible to hang a woman in effigy. Yes, lynching and the terror it engendered in the African-American community is still a gaping wound and terrible blight on our country’s history. But the US has not exactly been kind to women, of any color. (Do I need to recite the history of the violence perpetrated on women over the centuries here?) Any portrayal of an act of violence against a woman, any woman, is not just sexist but out-right misogyny.

I might also add that burning or hanging people in effigy may not exactly be the image the gay-friendly community you live in wants to present either. I don’t know whether you are gay yourself, but if you are, you should care about how this reflects on the rest of the GLBT community.

Actually, even if you AREN’T gay you should care how this reflects on your community at large. On the state of California. On liberals. On men. And on the candidate I presume you support!

Sweet unicorns on a pogostick! (Janice trying not to take anyone’s god(s)’ name in vain.) With “friends” like these, who the hell needs enemies?

Updated to add that my hero, Keith Olbermann, named Morisette his Worst Person in the World for today:

He gets to Morisette around 1:17.




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