Effigies Taken Down in WeHo and Redondo

An update to my rant from earlier in the week. After a loud public outcry, visits from the Secret Service, the LASD, protests from his neighbors and a long talk with the mayor of West Hollywood, Morisette finally took down the Palin effigy. Supposedly he’s removing the McCain part of the display as well.

Also taken down today was the lynched effigy of Obama that right-wing idiot Lisa Castaneda of Redondo Beach put up as part of her Halloween “display.” She claims it was “only” a political statement. No, scum-bag wing-nut, putting up your McCain/Palin lawn sign is a political statement. Hanging a man, especially a black man, in effigy is hate speech. Once again, 1st Amendment protections and all, but I also have the right to point out what a racist asshat you are.

I just don’t get it. It’s one thing to disagree with a candidate, even to dislike him or her. It’s another thing entirely to portray acts of violence against that person. Man, politics brings out the worst in some people.

Good thing that is the minority though.




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