Late notes heading into Election Day

– My heart goes out to Senator Obama and his entire family on the passing of his beloved grandmother. I am deeply saddened that Mrs. Dunham will not get to see her grandson inaugurated the 44th President of the United States.

– Yes, despite still being stressed, sleep-deprived, and apprehensive as hell, I truly believe that Obama will win tomorrow, and convincingly. Between the early voting, the polls, and all the anecdotal evidence I’ve seen on both campaigns’ ground games, I think it would take a win-the-lottery improbability for McCain to prevail tomorrow.

– Get out and vote. Make sure your friends and family are doing the same. Run through the finish line. I have never looked forward to voting as much as I am tomorrow. I’ve never been this emotionally invested in a national campaign before, and rarely have voted for a winning Presidential candidate in my life.

– Hopefully I’ll be liveblogging during returns tomorrow with my lady wife and a few friends, at least until we’re sufficiently happy or depressed to give up and just get drunk 🙂 Feel free to join the discussion, even (especially) if you don’t always agree with us. We argue, but only bite if asked nicely.

– Of course, I’ll also be excited to help drive a dagger through the heart of Prop 8 and the latest attempt to encode bigotry in my State Constitution. You Shall Not Pass!


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