One Last Prop 8 Rant

Not mine this time. My friend Kirsten (T-2 of the infamous T-wimmin) who is made from awesome!

The whole post is here but this bit is my fav:

The part of a relationship that’s really meaningful to me is the part that wakes up in the morning, looks over at the other side of the bed, and says, sure. It’s the part where someone breaks something, or spends too much, or maybe runs the family car into someone else’s, and it’s not the end of the game. It’s the whole richer, poorer, sickness, health, halitosis, inebriation, desperate sorrow and alarming good cheer that make up real life.

I have no idea how that fits in with this Dreadful Proposition we’ve got here in California. I really don’t. Supporters claim they are “protecting the sanctity of marriage,” which is really ridiculous considering that my godless husband and my godless self got married in a demon-friendly ceremony in order to get him the bennies and nobody told us “no.” For that matter, there are untold numbers of couples who get married who really shouldn’t. But it’s not my right to say who can and can’t, who should and shouldn’t. (Not to their face,¬†anyway.) Nor should it be anyone else’s. It’s a free country, last I heard.

I’m so excited to vote tomorrow I really don’t know if I will sleep tonight.


Blessings all!



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