I Voted Today

As soon as I can get my [expletive] phone to talk to my [expletive] computer I’ll post the cell pic of my Obama vote. 🙂

Also experiencing “I voted” sticker envy. The Ventura Country stickers are tiny compared to the Santa Barbara ones. Not fair! Does that count as disenfranchisement?

Ganking from TPM by way of Lynn (stop making me cry at work, wife!) – I didn’t vote for Barack Obama:

  • I voted for my mother and father, who couldn’t
  • I voted for my future children, so I can truly tell them they can grow up to be president some day
  • I voted for my family, blood and chosen, who desperately need real health insurance options
  • I voted for my associate who had to change his “foreign” name to something more “acceptable” to the not so subtle racists he deals with on the phone every day
  • I voted for my family in the Netherlands and all the people of Europe who would like to respect America again
  • I voted for Daniel and his step-son, Nick, so that their service to this country will not be taken so lightly, and for all of the service members who gave their last full measure of devotion for this nation in a far away land
  • I voted for Madelyn Dunham and Stanley Dunham and Dr. Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro. And for Barack Obama Sr. who shaped his son more from his absence than his presence
  • I voted for me, and for my husband, who love this nation with all our hearts, so much so we can even dare to tell it when it has been wrong, and shout for joy when it has done right – gods willing she does right today

Blessings all!



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