Happy Thanksgiving I guess…

I’m not feeling particularly thankful this year. Sorry. Just can’t do it. Those of you who know me well know that the holidays aren’t exactly my favorite time of the year anyway but this year is especially depressing. One more holiday season without our daughter. Also I’m stuck in a job that continues to reduce my motivation with every new reduction in the work force (the beatings will continue until morale improves!) And just in general, I don’t feel much like I have anything to celebrate.

To counter that I’ve allowed myself to be inspired by my friend Eilidh into making a list of my blessings. So here, in no particular order and with a great deal of overlap, is a list of all the positive things in my life. Happy holidays!

  • My husband Darren, who teaches me something new every day and with whom I am about to celebrate 5 blessed years of marriage
  • My “fur children” Kipper and Ebony
  • A beautiful house, even if I am the world’s worst housekeeper
  • Gainful employment (the job may suck but it beats the alternative)
  • The privilege of living in one of the most beautiful places on earth
  • The memories of my parents, who inspire me still
  • My brother Paul
  • My cousin Richard and my aunt Sally, my nearest (and dearest) living kin
  • O’ma O, Aunt Joyce and Uncle Arij, Uncle Jim and Aunt Ingrid, my cousins Ezra, Joram, Benjamin, Sharon, Thomas and Maartin, as well as Ezra’s wife Marijke and their son Michael – the sheer force of your love reaches across two continents and an ocean
  • The memories of my brother Shannon, my O’pa O, O’pa and O’ma M and all my kin on the other side of the Veil
  • My father’s other sisters, Marianne, Patty and Barbara, and their respective spouses and children (and grandchild!)
  • My husband’s mom, Becky, dad Loren, step-mon Sherri, sisters Marne and Mindy, her husband Craig and our nieces/nephew Karlee, Kendall and Kyle
  • My heart’s sister Tina, who has literally given me the shirt off her back
  • My “wife” Lynn and brother Bill, who have done the same time and time again
  • Pope”/Brian/Lorcan, for putting a smile on Tina’s face again
  • My brother Daniel, back from the war
  • My brothers and sisters of Caer Glas, my spiritual Clan
  • LE, my friend, my “mom,” spiritual advisor and sometimes conscience and a true Pelican in all aspects of her life
  • Kelvin and Debbie, your quiet friendship and steady example of honor and service make me proud to call you Family
  • Grandpa” Dave and “Grandma” Anne
  • Caelfind, Eogan, Kyle and Morgan – you’re all too wonderful for words
  • Ian and Fleurette for your generosity and graciousness
  • Morgana and Alexander, shining example of chivalry, courtesy and service
  • Hope, Bob, Sam and not-so-baby-Jessie, we miss you but are happy that you are happy
  • For the SCA (no, it is NOT the Society for Compulsive Accuracy!) and the privilege of escaping to another time on weekends
  • For the privilege of returning home to modern conveniences (I like running water, electric lights, gas stove and central heating, thanks!)
  • Heavy Weapons Fighting, ‘nuff said
  • For all the members of Darach Shire , with whom I am honored to work and play and live the Dream

  • The Buckmaster Clan
  • The Pack (”Sic non praedator, praedae sunt.”)
  • For the T-wimmin (if you don’t know, don’t ask!) and the T-spouses and, now, T-babies! for years of consistent friendship no matter how far any one of us roamed
  • For Paul H, whose friendship I am still honored to claim
  • Eilidh Swan, for so many things, especially for making me be positive even when I don’t want to. ;-)
  • For dearest Daiv, after 20+ years still worrying, amusing and over-all blessing me with your presence in my life
  • For my former co-worker and still friend Debbie, back in SB after an excursion in the desert
  • For Jason, Laura, Jared and Baby R
  • For the Internet which helps me to waste a lot of time but also do cool things like this blog and finding old friends I thought I’d never speak with again
  • For all my other friends, lost but not forgotten, with whom I no longer have regular contact but by whom I have been greatly influenced and richly blessed

I’m sure I missed a bunch. These are just the ones that came to me in the last few minutes. Huh, I actually do feel better. What a good idea.

OK, go count your blessings now too.

Blessings and love,


EDIT: I’ve been adding to this list I enjoyed thinking of these things so much. Come back and check it out occasionally. JV


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