Tea Fire

Got an unexpected day off due to the big fire burning in Montecito/Santa Barbara. It started last night before 6pm and has burned around 3000 1500 acres (downgraded by SBFD) and at least 100 homes. It sounds like it’s burned several buildings at Westmont College but all the students are safe. So far, just a few injuries and no deaths (knock on wood.)

My work place is within the mandatory evactuation center. So far it is still quite a ways off and burning away from our campus but the winds can change. Kinda freaking me out here. I was up way too late watching the prgoress and then awake again way too early fielding phone calls from my anxious boss and other co-workers.

Looks like the fire is burning down closer to the city, which is bad. But they have the DC10s and the helicopters up. Unfortunately the winds are coming up and are expected to worsen. On the positive side, this is the only major fire in SoCal so all hands are literally on deck for this one.

BTW: for my friends and family who do not know the area, we are no where near the fire and are in no danger!

Spare a prayer or a little energy toward the residents and fire fighters in Santa Barbara.




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