Christmas Comes Early (Snark)

Well, once again I have to try to suck it up and count my blessings. I have a wonderful husband, a lovely house, family, both blood and chosen, whom I love and who support me, fuzzy couch-warmers, my new lease-horse Jo-jo, a lot of good friends.

But pretty soon I cannot count “gainful employment” as one of those.

I’m being laid off as of the end of January. Unsurprisingly (everyone knew it was going to happen just not to whom) my company has once again been forced to reduce head count and this time I didn’t dodge the bullet. I’ll try not to bad mouth my company too much here. The people I work with are fabulous and I feel so bad for our HR department – they’ve had to do this too much of late. We are in the auto industry and that whole sector has been taking a beating – but it’s not just the tough economic times that have brought what was once a really good company to the point it is at now. I will leave it at that. Pretty soon, none of it is my problem anymore and there is something just a bit liberating about that.

It’s not a fatal blow economically. I’m getting a pretty generous severance package, my health benefits are all with Darren’s company. I can do some contracting if I don’t find a permanent job right away and in truth we can get by without the second income if it comes to that. But it’s a big blow to my ego – I’ve been there 9 years, lived through the highs and lows and invested a lot of emotional energy. Although it has been some time since I was truly happy there, it’s familiar and comfortable and as I have said many time, I can count on the fingers of one hand the people I’ve met there that I wouldn’t be able to work with again. (Read that again, it really is a compliment. 😉 )

Also, the last thing I want to be doing right now is looking for a new job in this market.

So right now I’m just trying to be OK with it and not panic. As I told Darren last night, I’m getting better – it took me nearly all day to think “well, we can move to x and start over.” That’s a record for me.

Anyway, we are going to Hawaii over the holiday break (damn! I’m going to miss having a week off between Christmas and New Year’s Day!) and have some fun so that’s something to look forward to.

Hope you all out there are doing ok. Hang in there. It’s going to be bumpy for a while yet.




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  1. Michelle says:

    Oh gosh, I was going to say how excited I was that you are leasing a horse(I used to be a stable girl myself), but then I got to the part where you lost your job. I’m so sorry. That is tough. They are talking about cutting hours at my job and I get a lump in my throat just thinking about. We simply cannot afford that right now. I hope you have a great time in Hawaii and that you are able to find a new job after the new year.

  2. Daiv says:

    I really don’t know what to say.

  3. Daiv says:

    (there was supposed to be a {hug} in there) (And Happy Anniversary)

  4. janice says:

    Thanks both for the kind thoughts. I’m sure things will work out.
    Happy holidays!

  5. Michael says:

    Things can indeed work out. But it can be really frustrating in the meantime, because the World moves at Its speed and not yours. 🙂 Last time I was laid off it took, … well, never mind right now, but a lot longer than I had counted on. And then a job dropped into my lap that might as well have been tailor-made for my resume.

    During that time I got pretty good at the whole call-resume-interview cycle. So I’d be happy to offer either free advice or commiseration. Rotten way to kick off the Yuletide season, though ….

  6. Kim says:

    Will keep sending good energy towards a new job! *hugs*

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