Happy Anniversary, Love!

Once upon a time I was actually a pretty good writer and could turn a well-crafted phrase to express my emotions. I don’t know when it happened that I stopped being able to express myself with relative ease. It’s harder these days is all I know.

So, I love you, my dearest friend. Through all the twists and turns of our lives, I am so happy and lucky to have you at my side.

Bright blessings to all,


PS: belated anniversary wishes to Kim and Fred and Kelvin and Debbie. And birthday wishes to my Aunt Sally.


2 Responses to “Happy Anniversary, Love!”

  1. odanu says:

    I think you expressed yourself beautifully. Happy anniversary, both of you! (Belated because I’m days late on my news feed)

  2. Kim says:

    And a very Happy Anniversary to you as well.

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