Here in Oahu a lot later that we had hoped. We thought that by flying West to someplace warm we could avoid delays. No such luck. Three hour delay due to, of all things, power outage in Honolulu. Who would’a thought?
(Apparently the outage led to our President-Elect, who is vacationing here on Oahu, being swept off to the nearby air base until the Secret Service could clear someplace for them to stay. Poor family.)
Flight was Ok though as we had exit row seats. Got in, took the not-so-wiki wiki-wiki to get our luggage and took a shuttle to our hotel, the Outrigger on the Beach. Apparently power outage also screwed up their computers so trying to find the room we had requested was an… interesting process.
So we retired to Duke’s while they tried to sort it out. Listened to Hawaiians sing not-so-Hawaiian music (and Pidgin-Blues, I kid you not.)
In the room now and going to get some sleep.
More tomorrow.


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  1. Michelle says:

    Well that’s a bummer about the delay. I love the Outrigger! When we were there we stayed in the Hilton Hawaiian Village, but every day we would walk down to the Outrigger for something or other. I told my husband next time we go there, that’s where we are staying for sure. Have a great trip!

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