Half the Sky

I’m not really in the “Christmas spirit” this year. As I’ve already mentioned I’m finding the holidays rather difficult. Hoping that we’re celebrating our last holiday season without our daughter, but who knows at this point.

OK, to prevent another depressive episode or a rant on the rampant consumerism at this time of year, I offer you the following instead. In lieu of material gifts – and you were all planning to buy me prezzies, right? 😉 – please consider donating to Half the Sky

This is a wonderful charity that provides nuturing and educational opportunities to the children in Chinese SWIs (social welfare institutes, i.e. orphanages). They provide nursery workers for the babies to provide one-on-one attention they would otherwise not receive, as well as educational programs and even foster family programs for the many orphans who will never be adopted.

They are doing great work. And I’d rather get a card saying you donated in our names than any item you could ever buy me.

Many blessings in this holiday season,



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