A Blessed Winter Solstice to All

Shamelessly stolen from my good friend T-2 (once again, if you don’t know, don’t ask. 🙂 )

“In the time of greatest darkness, may you have light. In the cold
months of the year, may you have warmth. The empty, poor days of
winter stretch ahead; may your pockets, your larder, your hands, and
your hearts all be full. The year ends amidst bells and clamor; may
you all have peace, now and in the year to come.”

The longest night and the shortest day. It can only get better from here.

Blessings and love,



3 Responses to “A Blessed Winter Solstice to All”

  1. @trailsoffroad.com I know, I have one. 😉 ’93 with 14″ travel King 2.5 coilovers in the front, antiwrap bar, 8″ Fabtech springs on top of a WJ 44a rear.
    I’d show ya a picture, but can’t attach on youtube.

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  3. Bill says:

    Preferite gli oli filtrati. Cultivar:: Tonda Iblda 100%.

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