Mostly Sunny

The Internet connection seems to work more reliably in the mornings here so hopefully I’ll be able to get some pics up today.

Yesterday was eventful. Darren not being interested in underwater adventures, I went off on my own in the morning to the beach by the Sheraton to meet the MaiTai catamaran for their Underwater Adventure. The first part was a lot of fun. They sailed out to a place further than most of the tourists can swim where a lot of sea turtles like to congregate for snorkeling. One of the guys on the boat took so good pics of me floating about and the turtles coming to check out the boat.

About to take the plunge

It was pretty amazing. I couldn’t make it all the way to the bottom (it was 35 feet deep there) to check out the coral because my asthma decided that was a perfect time to act up. But I stayed out as long as I could and got to see lots of fish, get pretty darn close to a sea turtle (they are endangered so we don’t get too close) and generally have a nice time.

Then I got back in the boat and it all went wrong. We were still moored in order to let us eat but pretty soon the up and down and back and forth made eating a Very Bad Idea for me. Damn! The crew was very attentive, giving me water and ginger ale to hopefully settle my stomach. Once we got under way and were heading into the wind-drive waves I was fine for a while. But as soon as we would slow down to turn or get a good look at anything, my inner ear betrayed me again. Ah well, the times in between being sea sick were spectacular and I’m still glad I did it.

After dragging myself off the boat and back to the hotel, I laid down to rest for a while and Darren went off to get something to eat. I’ll let him tell the story about the bar tendered at the place he went to but I will mention that the major question every local seems to be asking every tourist is “were you here for the black out” and they all have a great “no shit, there I was” story for the night. Very funny.

Darren made it back by and by and, since I was feeling like I was really back on dry land, we walked down to the Honolulu Zoo. This is a lovely zoo not much larger than the Santa Barbara Zoo. It’s very well designed from the exhibits to the landscaping. There are hundreds of examples of native plants around the place. It feels a lot like walking through a rain forest in the Asian sections. This is one of the zoos that is breeding Sumatran tigers and they have three cubs there right now. Watched them gamboling and killing trees for a while. Went next door to where the male is house and just as Darren was taking a pic of me in front of the exhibit the food cart went by and he jumped up to start ‘stalking’ it.

They have an excellent African section as well with large exhibits for the animals and many species housed together as they might live on the Savannah.

After seeing pretty much everything there was to see and closing down the zoo, we made our way through the slight sprinking (we had the unbrella today) to Ono Hawaiian Food, since I was finally ready to eat something. Best decision all day. This place was superb – recommended by Chowhound and Anthony Bourdain. It’s a little hole-in-the-wall type place, but as is often the case, it’s has the best food. It’s a locals joint and not something you’re likely to find in the Honolulu guide books. Obviously a family run joint, to judge by the aunties in the kitchen and the young man serving the food. Well made native Hawaiian dishes. We got there just in time for Darren to have one of the last servings of the LauLau and I had the Chicken long rice plate. Well worth the 5 block hike.

Took a walk back to the hotel along the beach and then sat to watch the sunset. Darren rocks by the way: I could never take pics like this:

We went back to the room for a while. Then around nine I was feeling hungry again so we ventured over to the Hilton Prince Kuhio to have a late meal at Mac 25/7. This is a popular cafe which is famous for having pancakes large enough to feed a family of four. I kid you not. I took a pic with the cell so when I get home I’ll post that. Had to order them just to see them with my own eyes. The couple behind me did too and we were both agog when they arrived. I got the banana/walnut pancakes, which was more like desert than breakfast and I barely touched a quarter of them. They were good but mostly just friggin’ huge.

Anyway, today we are going to try to climb Diamond Head and then make our way over to the Iolani palace. Hopefully I’ll have time to post about that tomorrow morning.




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  1. Daiv says:

    >…a lot of sea turtles like to congregate for snorkeling.

    I did not know that sea turtles snorkeled.

  2. Paul says:

    Nice T-Shirt!

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