Nocturnalism vs. practicality

Seriously sleep-deprived today. Over vacation I reveled in my typical habit of staying up very late and sleeping in, and haven’t made the adjustment back to the wage-slave schedule yet.

Gotta re-adjust eventually, but I’ll miss the late night meditations that I really should be blogging, like:

– How do we move beyond the tribalism that screws up our politics, foreign relations, and cooking?

– How easy it is to inflict multiple non-fatal gunshot wounds on an adult human (thank you, Discovery Health Channel @ 2am), and what caliber ammunition and targeting skill might be required to avoid that should it ever become necessary.

– How to get past phase 3 of the Malygos fight.

– Whether the Steelers offensive line can possibly take them to the Super Bowl.

– That the Genius feature of iTunes could get very expensive very quickly if I had it installed downstairs. Already discovered 4 new artists I’ve never heard of before, and I’ve hardly scratched the surface.

– Wishing for a good local Asian market so I can branch out further in Thai cooking this Winter. I love spicy one-dish meals in cold weather.

– That Dianne Feinstein, Joe the Plumber, and most of the GOP members of Congress are really past their sell-by dates and should be binned.

– It’s a Very Good Thing that at least a few people are starting to pay attention to smart conservatives like Andrew Bacevich and Daniel Larison.


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