Prop 8 Arguments Before the California Supreme Court

Sorry, still not a real update.

One of the few perks of not being employed at the moment is that I got to watch the arguments live on-line. It was a bit hard to follow on the Cal Channel’s stream (we have satellite so we don’t get the actual Channel) so I ended up watching it on the SacBee site.

The guy arguing for the Attorney General’s office was just awful so it was a good thing that Minter and the other co-counsel were far more brilliant. And Ken Star, the bastard, was honestly up there arguing that the rights of the minority can be voted away by a 50%+1 majority. Keeping it classy as always, Ken.

Here’s to the California Supreme Court doing The Right Thing one more time.

Oh, I am also really excited about GLAD had launched a suit on behalf of Massachusetts couples challenging DOMA in Federal court. I cannot say I am optimistic about the chances of success and I am really kinda hoping we can make the lawsuit moot by getting it legislated away. But that may be even more of a stretch than the current SCOTUS overturning it.

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