Heart Weary

Aunt Joyce called to say that Oma is in the hospital. Her heart rate has been running over 200 and they have discovered another weakness in her heart as of yesterday (not sure exactly what it is – medical terminology in a foreign language is tough.) Her blood sugar levels have been all over the map and her kidneys now seem to be failing. On top of all that she has an infection and the antibiotics are not treating her system kindly.

Despite all this, Joyce says she is quite lucid and is much less prone to panic than she has been. She is even eating and drinking more regularly.

The doctors are of course doing what they can but the family is not very optimistic. It is hard to know what to ask for at this point. Just prayers that what is best for her come to pass. And energy for my family.  Especially Joyce and Arij, who are driving to the hospital in Breda every day (about 60 kms and roughly an hour’s drive each way depending on traffic.)

To my whole family, biological and chosen: I love you. (And an especially big hug to Heather! Thinking of you, dear.)

Everybody, check in, eh?



PS: I promise an update on adoption stuff soon though there really isn’t as much to report as I would like.


2 Responses to “Heart Weary”

  1. Michelle says:

    I am so very sorry. Your and your family will continue to be in my prayers.

    I have thought of you often since you returned from your trip.

  2. Cavalaxis says:

    Love you wife. ~hugs~

    Missed you guys like hell on Monday. Was really looking forward to it. Still sick here. Yes, still. Stupid chest cold.

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