And New Hampshire Makes Six (with Bonus Mini-Rant)

NH legislature voted for marriage equality today. The bill includes some really silly and needless “protections” for people who don’t believe in gays because the governor threatened to veto without it. Meh. Mostly harmless stuff so we’ll take it. At least he signed it. Gotta love the New England states. Oh, and Iowa. There is some hope New York will get on board though that sounds like it may be a long shot.

The tide is slowly turning on this issue. I certainly hope that Congress acts on DOMA and other ridiculous federal level restrictions on GLBT people but at least some states are making the some excellent moves.

In other news, our California legislature and governor all suck eggs. WTF people? Closing state parks!? Not to mention all the other places they are cutting, most of which effect people who can least afford to have their services cut (my cousin was getting medical help from a program that has now been cut!) But G-d forbid we should raise taxes on income or on corporations. Like oil companies (h/t to my hubby who brought this one up!) Yes, yes, they will all flee the state. Yeah, the oil companies will just move to… where precisely? Apparently we are like the only state that doesn’t charge the oil companies taxes on their processing of oil in our state. At a time when they are still seeing unbelievable profits, I think they can afford to throw a few dollars the way of our state.

Alright /rant. My blood pressure is rising.

Time to go pet a cat.

Blessings all!



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