“Where’s my Cee-cee?”

I just ran across the blog of an adult Indonesian adoptee! I’ve added the URL to the Adoption Related links on the sidebar. She was born in Jakarta, Indonesia and raised in a small town in the Netherlands by white Dutch parents. It’s a very recently started blog and I am way looking forward to reading it.

She hasn’t written much but her entries got me to thinking about my father’s family, especially my grandmother and grandfather.

Specifically my Oma and Opa Ostveen, my father’s mother and step-father. (There’s a whole story there but I won’t go into it today.) As many of you know Darren and I were in Europe not too long ago and we spent a week with the family in Holland. I got to spend a lot of time with O’ma who is in her 80s now. It was wonderful.

Oma’s English is only so-so these days – she used to be more comfortable in the language but as she’s gotten older it’s gotten harder. But she worked very hard to tell me some family stories and some of her personal history, which I treasure in my heart.

One jewel has to do with my brother’s nickname for me for many years when I was a little girl: “Cee-cee.” What I didn’t know until Oma told me is that Opa Tom is responsible for the nickname. We moved from California where I was born to Ohio when I was less than a year old and Opa Tom came to visit not long after we got settled. Mind you they were living in Holland and this was in the days before international travel was cheap and simple. So it was a pretty big event. Oma says that Opa thought the world of his grandkids. He spent a lot of time with us and would say to Paul “Where’s your sissy?” whenever I was out of the room. Paul would then swing around to whichever parent was in the room and demand in his 4-year-old imperiousness: “where my cee-cee?”

I can remember Paul teasing me with this phrase as a kid but not in the taunting way most older brothers might but more of a loving thing. At least as much as the big brother is allowed to express love for his younger sister. But even though it embarrassed me (and Mom liked to bring it up at the drop of a hat ) I was always rather fond of the nickname.

Having this story from Oma makes it even more special.

Opa Tom crossed over many years ago and I am more sorry than I can say that I did not know him better. But this, this I will always have from him.



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  1. Shelley says:

    WHat a sweet story Janice.

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