Open Letter to Senator Coburn

Pardon my rant but I gotta get this off my chest!

Dear Senator,

I am not one of your constituents so I think that perhaps you will not take anything I say to heart. However, after seeing the video of your less than compassionate response to a woman who is your constituent, I felt compelled to at least make some attempt.

Sir, your response to her is that “government is not the answer” and that she “look to her neighbors.” Could you possibly have been more insensitive to this woman who was emotionally bleeding in front of you? Is this a Christian response, sir?

While you are pondering that, I want to know why you think that having your staff call up her insurance company to lean on them is not government interference in health care, but trying to pass laws to keep insurance companies from behaving as if they are not responsible for their customers is.

I would like to know exactly what kind of neighbors you think this woman has that would be able to help her pay the tens of thousands of dollars that it would cost to hire the expert help she needs, health care that her insurance company is supposedly PAID to cover. Maybe your neighbors have that kind of money laying about but the vast majority of Americans do not. BTW:  medical debt is one of the leading causes of bankruptcies in America. And the vast majority of those people had insurance!

I would like to know what you would have said to me, when I and my family were in a very similar situation with my mother. She passed away from metastatic breast cancer 5 years ago. Her so-called insurance company compounded the pain of her illness and death by orders of magnitude because we spent so much of the last weeks of her life fighting the company (which she paid to cover her health care supposedly!) for the things she needed. We literally had to beg them to allow her to stay in the hospital 5 minutes from her house rather than be moved to one 60 miles away in the days before she died. It took the intervention of the hospital social worker to bully the insurance company into not forcibly moving her – she was simply too weak to move at that point. (I did attempt to contact our congress-critter but by the time his office got back to me it was too late.) She died deeply in debt to hospitals and providers.

I want to know what you think is so great or ethical about this system we already have and how you can think that it is a bad or unethical for the government to do something about it.

The private health insurance companies have proved that they cannot do the job. It is time to curb their abuses and support a public option to allow the people of America access to health care that will not bankrupt or allow them to suffer or die because of the bottom line.

Perhaps it is time that the people we elected to congress start doing what is best for the American people and stop trying to pretend that the “free market” and big insurance companies will do it on their own.


One Pissed of American


Bright blessings all,



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