RIP Eugenie Charlotte Sophia

I learned this morning that Oma passed away. Though I am trying to remember her life with joy, right now I can only grieve.

For all the distance between us, Oma and Opa O were pillars of my childhood. They never forgot a birthday or failed to call or write at the holidays. We can count our time together in person in bare weeks but the love I felt in their home and in the homes of their children and from their grandchildren is all the testament one needs to know what a special and wonderful woman Oma was. Oma was my last remaining grandparent and I am so sad that she will not be able to “meet” her latest great-grandchild when Darren and I finally bring home our daughter.

I know she is with my dear Opa Tom, and with Dad and Mom, Shannon, Pam, her sisters and other loved ones who have gone on before her. Somewhere she is dancing, the pain and disability of her body gone, the lightness of her spirit lifted and joy at the meeting of old friends abounds.

Her passing is only hard for us, it is no longer hard for her.

She is added to the Company of the Ancestors and though I know I will see her again, my heart is weary.

Please keep my Aunt Joyce, Uncle Arij, Uncle Jim, Aunt Ingrid, cousing Ezra, Joram, Benjamin, Sharon, Thomas and Maarten as well as my Uncle Rolf (her nephew who was like another son to her) in your thoughts and prayers in the days to come.

I love you all. Even if I don’t see you or talk to you enough, please know that you are special to me.

Many bright blessings and love to you all.


Oma as young woman

Oma as young woman


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  1. Michelle says:

    She is beautiful.

    I am so sorry 🙁

  2. Priscilla Salveen says:

    Hi, I would like to send on my condolences on your loss.

    My name is Priscilla Salveen (currently residing in Ireland), the grand-daughter of Mary Emilie Meerwald. The reason I am writing is to find out the history of my granmother’s origin. She is currently 90 years old and for her whole life she does not re-call her origin neither does she know her parents. The only memory she has is that she was brought up by the Meerwald family who was living in Tapah, Malaysia. She remembers their two children by the name of Nora and Margaret who used to play with her all the time. She stayed with them until the age of 12, when she was taken to the Convent in Ipoh where she spent the rest of her teenage years. In her certificate of Naturalisation, it is stated that Mr & Mrs Meerwald are her parents. Her father’s name was Paul Spencer Fairlie Meerwald.

    My grandmother is very dear to me and ever since I was little she has always talked about her past, unfortunately she does not remember her actual parents. I guess my family and I are trying to find out what relationship she had with the Meerwald’s and if they were her adopted parents. She is old and it would be a great joy to provide her with some information of the relationship she had with this family.

    Im sorry if this enquiry has caused an inconvenience but we are trying our best to also reaquaint her with her family.

    Regards, Priscilla

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