Leaving on a Jet Plane (Again)

Yes, it is true. I am going back to the Netherlands. Wish it was for a happier purpose but I am very glad that I will be able to be there to celebrate her life, say goodbye and offer what comfort I may to my family.

Oma left money for the American grandkids to come to the funeral. Unfortunately Paul’s passport is expired and there was no way we could have gotten it renewed in time. And Darren is staying to take care of the sick kitty boy (who’s blood sugar is still giving us fits unfortunately.) So I will be the American delegation. 😉 (That’s my brother’s joke so blame it on him!)

Early birthday wishes to my cousin Ben. I know you won’t feel much like celebrating, but I hope you will find some joy in the day anyway.

Saturday was also Uncle Arij and Aunt Joyce’s 35th wedding anniversary. Again, I know they were not feeling festive but many congratulations to them. They are such lovely people and a wonderful couple.

Getting on a plane soon. Love you all.




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