Short Update from my Brother

My brother is having a nice time with the family. They didn’t get to go into Amsterdam due to the snow storms unfortunately – Paul said the snow really shut down the country, which doesn’t surprise me.
He did get to go into Antwerp with Oom Jim and cousin Joram. And on Christmas Eve they went to the crematorium to spread Oma’s ashes. I was so glad he got that chance to honor Oma and say goodbye to her.

Maaike sent me an IM saying she’d gotten to give him a big hug for me. (I’d told all of the family last Oct that they were getting to see him sooner than I was so would they please give him a big hug from me!)

Sounds like he has been able to accomplish most of what he wanted from this trip. I’m really happy for him. Hopefully we’ll get to see him in the summer, and if we’re really lucky, maybe he’ll even be able to meet his niece!

Hope everyone had/is having a wonderful holiday season of whatever religious (or not) persuasion.

Many bright blessings, one and all,



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