My Next Breakdown

So, now that my momentary positive outlook has passed, back to reality once again. Our I171H approval will expire in September so we have to start the process of renewing it. Which means we need to do a homestudy update. Which means we need to redo most of the paperwork we did for the original homestudy. Yes, you read that right. We get to do this ALL OVER AGAIN!

Hence, the title of this entry. I soooo don’t want to do this all again. At least, if we had to be re-doing paperwork I would have preferred it be for a second child rather than for the same freakin’ adoption.

But on that note comes the question of what we are going to do next. We are currently weighing some options. We’re not planning on leaving China but we are considering at least the possibility of a concurrent adoption from Vietnam.

Vietnam is a VERY different program. Or maybe I should say Vietnam is closer to the norm for International programs than China. China is a very centralized program with the CCAA in charge of approving prospective adoptive parents and making the referrals. One of the reasons it has been considered so predictable is that the rules were known as they are set by Chinese law and the CCAA and that there is no province to province or agency to agency variation in the process for the most part. And although this wait time has thrown things into considerable disarray, the arguments still holds that it is one of the most predictable programs out there in terms of money and process.

Although the government of Vietnam is trying to make changes to add more centralized control to the process, the IA program is much more variable. There are laws governing international adoption that all provinces must follow. However, individual agencies make agreements of support with specific provinces and the orphanages there-in rather than with the central government. So the length of time the process take from sending your dossier to Vietnam to referral can vary a lot depending on your agency. It simply depends on how many children are in care, how many agencies a province works with and how many waiting parents those agencies have in process. The agencies that have been in country the longest thend to have long wait times because they are working in the larger provinces which have long established IA programs. Agencies with shorter wait times tend to work with more rural provinces with a shorter history (or none at all) or IA. It is, in the words of one agency director, a lot more “wild and woolly” than China IA. Could be more of a roller coaster. And your agency’s experience, ethics and organization are very important. So one has to have a care when going there.

We’ve been doing research and have an agency in mind. But we have to make a decision pretty soon as we should be doing the VN paperchase at the same time we redo our homestudy. And in case you are wondering, yes, if we complete in VN we will have to do all this once more before we can complete in China. Whew! A little more than we had bargained for.

Oh, but so worth it when we get there.

Are we there yet?

Blessings all,



4 Responses to “My Next Breakdown”

  1. Michelle says:

    Oh Janice, that sucks so much about renewing everything. I know we’re looking at doing that soon. I can only hope it is easier the second time around, as the first time was a complete nightmare for us. That is so cool about Vietnam though! Just think, in probably a year to a year and a half’s time you could have TWO babies! How cool is that? If we had the financial means I think we would probably look into this too. Unfortunately, all of our eggs are literally in one basket. And that basket is in China. So we will wait. And wait, and wait and wait…….

    P.S. I kind of had a chuckle over that last comment because I just had all of my eggs removed when I had my hysterectomy seven days ago. So really we have no eggs at all. Ha!
    Hey, you can cry until you laugh or laugh until you cry. I do both these days. Hope you are doing well.

  2. Kim says:

    OH YEA – I already dropped off my paperwork at INS/USCIS whoever the heck they are these days and when I get back from the business trip next week we start the HOMESTUDY again.

    One good thing – It actually is easier. They took copies of everything so I was not running around getting obscure vital records and legal papers. And the Dr reports just have to satisfy the homestudy agency, not China, so that looks easier too. And the SW has seen us, and I think this is a one visit thing. So all in all I’m not stressing this like the first one.

    I am going to ask them to approve for 2. I have no idea why, just seems prudent. I don’t think I even knew I could ask that for the first go around 🙂

  3. T 1 says:

    Oh T woman, I’m so sorry to hear it! What an enormous heartache and pain in the ass. Keep the faith, chica – it will all be worth it in the end…

  4. Daiv says:

    Could be more of a roller coaster.
    I find that hard to imagine in this context. And I know you will both get through all this. Hug!

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