Rumor Queen reports one of the US agencies believes that matching has begun for the next batch. Frequently this means referrals are coming soon.

A European agency says the 26th is in which, if true, means… drum roll please, WE ARE NEXT!!!!

I’m not sure whether to hold my breath or not get my hopes up. This roll-coaster has largely sucked so it’s a bit hard to get really excited yet. When I see the official “We’re getting the next batch” on our agency’s page, maybe I’ll get really get excited.

We hope to both be home so we can get “The Call” together. I’ve warned work I may need to take a day off next week or the one after for that purpose….

OK, yes, I am getting a little excited. 😉

Will keep y’all updated as we know more.




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  1. wow… you will be seeing your sweet babe’s face to very soon!!!

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