Trip itinerary

Wow. Things got real in a hurry.

We have our flights into and out of China booked and our final travel planning call with our agency is tomorrow, where we should get all the details on our in-country travel.

We’ll be flying into Hong Kong, and we’ll have a day and half there. Hopefully we’ll be able to get out and see the city and check out the local food.

From Hong Kong we should be flying to Nanchang. The next day (and my birthday!) will hopefully be Gotcha Day where we finally get to hold our son.

We’ll then have most of a week kicking around Nanchang completing paperwork and meetings with the Chinese government, and generally trying to figure out how to be first-time parents. Scary and exciting stuff.

Alexei then gets to take his first plane ride to Guangzhou where we’ll have most of another week doing paperwork and having meetings with the U.S. government, culminating in taking the Oath of Allegiance on his behalf, making him a U.S. citizen. I suspect Kleenex will be involved with that.

Finally we get on a short plane ride to Hong Kong where we’ll have a few hour layover before the long flight home.

In the meantime, lots and lots more reading to do on how to be a parent and How Not To Be A Schmuck While Traveling Abroad, all amidst the final scramble to get the house ready for a kid, get work squared away to where I can disappear for a few weeks without the world ending, and shopping/packing/cleaning/etc.



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  1. Chris H says:

    Just stopped over to bookmark your site for the trip! From the Fu Yahoo Group! We just brought our daughter home last August, and it’s been amazing!
    Be adventurous while over there, and if you see something that you like, definitely make a deal and get it right then… you may not see it again while there.
    Nanchang can be hot and sticky…. very humid!
    That area is famous for their porcelain so you may want to pick up a few extra pieces of it there so that you can pass them to Alexi when he is older.
    Have a great time, and take lots of photo’s as well as a few short videos… I wish we had done that! We have pictures but hardly any video…
    Think about what you want to remember, and share with him as he gets older… the sights and sounds (it gets noisy if you’re not used to traffic).
    So excited to watch along as you travel… Haven’t followed anyone since we returned home…

  2. janice says:

    Thanks for the advice, Chris! We’re so excited to finally see the end of this loooong journey and hold our son! We’re honored to have you along for the “ride.”
    We’re happy to be joining the Fu Family as well!

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