Last Day in Nanchang

Today we will say goodbye to Nanchang and Sissi and Karen and go on to Guangzhou. I feel a little sad and a little excited because we are leaving our lovely guides (and Alexei’s best bud) but are one step closer to bringing our boy home!

Last night we had one more dinner with the whole group at the wonderful restaurant near our hotel. Alexei danced in the dining room with his best gal Sissi and then Sissi’s 10 year old daughter and her friends showed up. Alexei could not stop staring at them. Especially Sissi’s daughter. Ah, he loves the older girls!

I think we have finally hit on the right ritual to get Alexei to go to sleep at night. First, a nice warm bath where we get to splash about and use up some of the excess energy. Then diaper change and PJs on. Then a few minutes of sitting up time with Mommy and Daddy before lying down with a bottle. We turn down the lights and close the curtains and remove all the toys and other fun things to mess with. A little soft music and pretty soon (OK like 20 minutes) sleeping baby! Yey!

The formula at 1am or so, however, is still necessary. Warm water was insufficient to keep our boy after the mid-night wakeup… Live and learn.

This morning was very nice – Alexei slept til almost 7am! Yes, he and Mommy are conspiring to make sure Daddy must sleep with the curtains closed! After a quick breakfast with Steve, Cathy and their daughter Lily, another of Alexei’s girls, we rushed out to the buses for a trip to a lovely local park.

We go to try out a stroller today. Alexei did very well actually though he needed Mom holding his had for the first few minutes. After that he was just grooving on the sights and sounds of the place. During the day the park mostly has older people and very, very young people in it. The older retired folks who aren’t watching their grandchildren can be found doing some sort of activity in the park – Tai Chi is a fave as is practicing calligraphy with water and large mop-like brushes. We wondered around a lot, getting stared at by the local folks and talked to even when we didn’t understand them. It was a nice walk but thankfully only an hour as the heat and humidity have made up for yesterday’s relative mildness.

After that we got back on the bus for a trip to a porcelain selling area. Wandered about their mostly trying to keep little hands of the loveliest china you ever did see. Bought some chop sticks to bring home for our boy someday.

Lunch was brief as Alexei was definitely missing his morning nap. Thank goodness he went down like a boxer with a glass jaw using the new “remove all stimulus” method. 3 minutes! A record!

Now Darren is upstairs with our guides getting some information about this afternoon’s travel and receiving our boy’s Chinese passport!

You may not hear from us till tomorrow now as the flight gets in late and then we have to check in etc. I really hope our boy flies well!

Now some pics to keep you ravening Cuteness Hounds at bay.



One of our boy's favorite poses

Lake at the Park

I wish I were so flexible at my age!

Calligraphy in the Park

Ah, young love! (Alexei and Jaymie)

Ah, young love... wait! (Alexei and Lily)

Two proud Mamas (Janice and Kathy, Alexei and Lily)

I see a red door....

No pictures, please!


4 Responses to “Last Day in Nanchang”

  1. T2 says:

    I LOVE that last shot! So cute!!

  2. Mindy Richardson says:

    you probably have flown by now, the only advice I can give you about flying is be sure to give him a bottle or something to drink as you descend this will help pop his ears, little ears don’t equalize quite as well as our bigger ones. Hope your travels went well! And the sleep routine will be easier when you are not all staying in one room!

  3. Laura says:

    Yay for getting a huge step closer to a nighttime routine! You’re all probably in Guangzhou by now. Waiting with baited breath for the next part of the saga!

  4. You all look so glowing and happy!
    Will breathe easier once the family is back home.
    Looking forward to meeting Alexei soon! 🙂

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