Hello from Guangzhou

Yesterday turned out to be a very long day. Our flight out of Nanchang was delayed, and we didn’t get in to Guangzhou airport until around 9:30pm. By the time we got to our hotel room it was after 10:30.

Alexei did great on his first plane ride even after having to chill out in the terminal for nearly 3 hours. He fell asleep halfway through and didn’t even wake up for landing or de-planing, and only started to stir while waiting for our luggage. He then fell asleep again on the bus into town and didn’t wake up until 2 minutes after we got him into the crib in the hotel room (of course). He then decided it was play time and bounced off the walls until after midnight while mom and dad desperately tried to grab a bite to eat while half-awake from a long day ourselves.

Fortunately he went back to sleep after a bite to eat at 6am and slept until nearly 8, so we all got a bit of sleep.

The White Swan is a very nice hotel. It’s an older building, but very East-meets-West-trading-post-era luxury. The breakfast buffet is huge, good, and the dining room is right on top of the Pearl river. Shamian Island (where the hotel is located) is also very nice and the whole area is set up well for Americans in general, and adoptive parents in particular. Baby supplies, restaurants with menus in English, convenience stores, laundry, and all the basic necessities are within a couple blocks. We also have a working thermostat in our room, a cool (if not completely cold) refrigerator, and hot water, all of which are nice changes from Nanchang.

Late this morning we had to go to the clinic to get Alexei his medical exam for U.S. Immigration. What a nightmare. There were several agency travel groups arriving all at the same time, and the clinic clearly wasn’t prepared to handle that kind of volume. Long waits and massive confusion. He also ended up needing six different vaccinations due to not getting the correct boosters or something at the SWI (trying to get anyone to explain this to us clearly was not fun, and we were pissed).

Alexei was an absolute stud and came through it all with great fortitude. He let the clinicians who gave him his shots hear all about it, but given the run-around mom and dad were getting we figure that was only fair. After we left the clinic it was like it never happened and he went right back to being his usual energetic and happy self. We just hope he doesn’t react to any of the vaccines or anything and continues to have a good week.

After we got back to the hotel and had a bit of a giggling and bouncing on the bed time we all went down to the nice Cantonese restaurant at the hotel for Dim Sum lunch. After picking a random selection from the six page tea list, we had 8 different dishes, 6 or so of which we’d never seen before. The phrase “it’s a pork donut!” was involved at one point (yes, it was actually a sweet dough pastry filled with BBQ pork; much better than I know it probably sounds). The food was very good in general, and several of the dishes were great.

Again, Alexei handled a fancy restaurant very well, and made friends with all the staff and I think about half the patrons. Now it’s nap time, which will hopefully carry him through to a more normal bed time than last night.

Mom and Alexei dancing during morning music time

Guangzhou from our hotel window

This was waiting for us as a gift from the hotel. Why, yes, 95% of kids adopted here are indeed girls, but...

Mom isn't allowed to wear hats. All your hats are belong to Alexei.


6 Responses to “Hello from Guangzhou”

  1. Laura says:

    Wow, what an ordeal! Alexei is such a trooper, as are the both of you.

  2. Catherine Robey says:

    I love the pics from the whole trip. They seem to fall into two categories: “Yay! Being held! Happy!” or, “Ooo…what’s this? Must investigate…”

  3. Debbie Sauer says:

    He is so precious. Glad he had a good flight. Blessings

  4. Daiv says:

    Hey, pork donuts sound pretty awesome… a variant of the Bao family, I am guessing.
    And is it only Mom who is not allowed hats? Or are all hats belonging to Alexei?

    (20 odd years of knowing you, and it feels entirely natural to suddenly refer to you as Mom.)

  5. Jennifer & Georganna says:

    We just spent our entire lunch eating and reading your log. Very nice. Cute little guy! Sounds like you guys are having fun. Don’t worry about the 1 am feeding – that will stop once he gets bigger. He is a little guy and is probably hungry! Keep posting we are enjoying it!

    Jen & Georg

  6. Anonymous says:

    Make sure you buy squeeky shoes and good luck finding boy clothes there.

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