15 Months Old

Alexei had his 15-month check up today. At 20 pounds 3 ounces, he’s officially on the US charts for weight for the first time. Yey! He’s still roughly 50th percentile in height at 30 inches but he is generally developing well. Unfortunately he had to have 3 shots, which was not a very popular choice, but much better than 6! And so far (knock on wood) no ill effects from them.

He’s now cutting all four eye teeth in addition to the molars he’s still working on so this has made for seriously cranky baby! Even baby Tylenol and Orajel can’t keep the occasional outbreak of fussing an otherwise normally happy play session. He is generally still a happy boy, though. He’s really soo resilient, it amazes me. He loves cars and trains and of course, anything that makes noise. He can crawl like a maniac and he pulls himself up on anything that will hold his weight. No more putting the baby down and knowing he’ll still be there in a minute or two. I already miss those days. LOL!

After the time changed it took a while to convince him that he could sleep in that extra hour but he is now pretty much back to sleeping until 6:30 or 7. We still have minor wake ups at night but generally a little soothing gets him back to sleep. We’re no longer doing a 2am feeding though I usually still get up to change his diaper – otherwise we get a 4 am wake up for a diaper change. I just have not been able to find an over-night diaper that really works!

He isn’t saying anymore words but we’re not getting overly concerned about that just yet. It’s not unusual for internationally adopted infants to take many months to really start talking and he isn’t even really that delayed in the scheme of things for a 15 month old. He still has a wonderful little laugh and the best smile ever. He also now gives me and Darren hugs – he puts his arms around you and gives you little pats, which is just the most heart-breakingly cute thing EVAH! He’s also getting more snuggly and molding to me when I carry him, all very good attachment signs.

We are just so amazed and happy at how far he has come in a few short months.

A few pics and then to bed for me.

Much love and bright blessings to all,


I am sooooo cute!

Aunt Marne and Alexei with his full steam ahead look

Alexei with his Dad and Grandpa

Did I mention I am cute?

Grooving to dinner music


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  1. Heather B says:

    One thing that worked for us with night time diapers was just moving up a a size.

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