Holiday Picture Thread

Our 2010 Holiday Card (I think this is the first one I have ever sent)

Happy Winter Holidays of your own personal beliefs (or lack thereof) to our friends, family and followers. Many bright blessings for wonderful things to come in 2011!

Love and blessings,

Janice, Darren and Alexei

As close as Alexei wanted to get to Santa

Reading with Great-Aunt Sally

The stocking says it all!

Dad helping open his very first present

However the kitty is far more interesting is the box

...and the paperwork.

OK, the SUV is pretty cool too!

Christmas Bear from Grandma and Grandpa G

Alexei likes his cousin Karlee

Playing under the table

The phone quickly became a car

Grooving with Grandma R's gift

His current favorites (well, other than the orange!*)

Guess who got his first haircut on NYE even!

*for those not on Facebook, Alexei spent a good 1/2 hour last night playing with an orange. Hundreds of dollars worth of toys and he was playing with fruit. LOL!


2 Responses to “Holiday Picture Thread”

  1. Richel says:

    Megan likes to play with plastic Easter eggs. Great pictures.

  2. Laura says:

    Great pics! It’s amazing how much he’s grown in only 4 months.

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